More about me

My name is Chigz and I am a Tech Influencer, based in London, UK.
I have always had a keen interest in tech....Going back to my childhood days, I would take apart electronics and put them back together, just to find out how things worked. This lead to a degree in Computer Science followed by a varied career path in IT, from networking, to programming and very recently Web Programming for Online Apps.

Why did I become a Tech YouTuber?

Around the end of 2016, I made my first video and it was a tutorial related to Windows PC and gaming. I did not plan to become a full featured Tech YouTuber, I just started with a few basic Tech tutorials to help people out on various PC related issues. Thereafter, your positive comments and encouragement made me continue. I started reviewing my own tech products and seeing the positive results, I would then borrow gadgets and phones from my family and friends in order to make more videos. Thereafter, I started investing in Tech from around the world and have since been making 1 video every single day.

Chigz Tech Reviews has now achieved over 14.9 Million views with over 60K subscriptions in only 1 Year and 6 months.

Where do I see myself in 5 years?

I hope to continue striving forward and becoming not just one of the largest Tech Influencers in the UK, but I aim to become one of the most helpful Tech Channels ever, by offering free tech support and advice along with regularly maintained comparison charts, so you can compare the specs and prices of various tech and help them you choose your product.